What things do you need pay attention to use magic stick

by:BAILI     2020-09-20
For the average person, generally does not need to be widely used in the life the hook and loop, the magic stick is generally appeared on the curtain, shoes, bags or computer above the power cord. In order to prolong the service life of Velcro, a lot of people are very curious, what problem should be paid attention to when using hook and loop? Actually, use magic stick, the most need to pay attention to the problem is the question of whether or not to the right. Velcro is actually has its own specifications, there are also not suitable specifications the waste, so in the process of using, should use its proper position. Such as Velcro at the top of the curtain if too large, affect beautiful, cannot have the effect of its clean, then you should change a suitable Velcro. Use magic stick, also need maintenance. Velcro durability is wonderful, but also can't withstand repeated adhesion, so the glue, not more than five times a day and these are the most basic need to pay attention to use hook and loop. When the Velcro is dirty, also need to use some tools to clean up the portion of the surface of the hook and loop, so as to realize its high bonding. - - - - - - Velcro - Fastening belt - Glue Velcro - back With sticky strap
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