What you don't know the magic stick

by:BAILI     2020-09-01
Velcro, also known as the 'magic stick', 'with the devil', 'devil felt', 'magic stick', 'sticky strap', is a fibrous fastening, invented the company to 'Velcro' ( Velcro) 。 Textile magic stick usually consists of two fabrics, a surface covered with a ring structure, another surface hook structure. When two fabric compaction force, hook and loop combination, forming a temporary state of fastening. If want to both separation, just hard to separate. In fact the first Velcro is pure cotton, but later found not practical to nylon. Velcro registered in 1948 patents in 1978, but the Velcro has become a household name registered trademark, so the Velcro also often in the context of the west as a Velcro. The design of the Velcro is to copy the seeds on the small hook this natural mechanism. Swiss engineer George DE going hunting in the Alps in 1941, revealed the burr burdock seeds endless hook clothes and dog fur, thought of can then copy the 'hook', as a fashion of fasteners. So he took his idea to the knitting center Lyon in France at that time, first made the first in the world with cotton thread gluing tape, fastness is very poor, but soon found that cotton thread gluing effect also is poor, so instead of nylon, the absence of mechanical equipment at the time, George DE with scissors hand woven nylon loop built to take off the ring, thus creating a link, to create the first full sense of the nylon Velcro. Traditional sticky strap hook surface of nylon yarn woven into ring shape after cutting the rings at the top, the formation of fine hook model. Then on the basis of cell adhesion, durability requirements, such as in hot working process directly to hook surface hot melt into mushroom head shape. Plastic injection molding, now have to directly produce hook type structure, can increase the transverse tension, also saves the sewing process with high frequency pressing, etc. Because of its ease of use, has replaced the buttons or zippers, need is used for a variety of temporary adhesive applications, such as have not yet learned to tie his shoes children's shoes, specially designed for people with disabilities, the elderly and infirm clothes, backpacks, laptop used to fixed mouth, army, and plant glue the flashlight on the wall, and a surfboard leash, etc. On the space station, the application of the Velcro is a lot more, suit the above almost everywhere is Velcro, zero gravity environment, the magic stick to temporarily store items, to prevent them from float away, when you eat the astronaut the food bag with Velcro is fixed on the table.
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