What you don't know the magic stick origin and the manufacturing process

by:BAILI     2020-09-18
What you don't know the hook and loop origin of manufacturing processes and Velcro is by a Swiss engineer George DE - Max he le ( 1907 - — 1990). The invention. A hunting, he found that the needle tail grass on his clothes. He used a microscope and found the needle tail grass fruit has a hook structure, can stick to the fabric. He thought with a hook fixed hair surface. Velcro is side by side with hooklike fabric and belt villous fabric, stick together to produce natural viscous force, with the hand pull and natural separation, a bit like the feeling like magic, hence the name stickers. Velcro is luggage clothing accessories for shoes materials commonly used on a connection, it is soft points a fiber, the other is a hook of elastic fiber, so there is fastening belt, with magic, magic belt, etc. hook and loop in the production of several process: 1, the first is the loom nylon yarn materials will be caused by the ribbon machine germ band shape. 2, in the high temperature dyeing equipment will semi-finished germ band dyed all sorts of color. 3, hook and loop suede germ band is to dye the color in the napping machine equipment germ band color suede brush up after curly again by sizing shapes. 4, hook is will dye good hook surface sizing to finalize the design after the germ band on the surface of the nylon monofilament through import cutting machines hook uniform to give the appropriate cutting monofilament it forms sticky germ band with a hook. 5, Velcro germ band and the imported article points the books give width of article points to the required specifications. To cut off the required length and volume after packing finished products.
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