When choosing clothing material in the need to pay attention to what

by:BAILI     2020-11-16

about the materials are generally used in clothing materials, the inside of the composition consists of cotton fabric, regenerated fiber fabric, acetate fiber and viscose fiber blended fabric and other materials, mainly is shrinkage, color fastness test index. When choosing clothing lining cloth should pay attention to the following aspects: one is that the performance of the material inside and should match the performance of the fabric, of course, that is the performance of the including shrinkage, heat resistance, washing resistance, strength, thickness, weight, etc. , the different material in the material performance is different also. The second is, the color of the material in the phase matching to meaning and fabrics, under normal circumstances, the choice of the color should be lighter than the fabric. Three is that material should be selected with a smooth, durable, anti pilling of that kind of, and to ensure good color fastness. Many times in the material than the choice of fabric should be more careful, because sometimes inside is a lot of times it is easier to close to the skin. In guarantee and beautiful at the same time pay attention to the comfort, this is the choice in the principle of material. Not only beautiful figure and ignore the quality, it will affect the overall aesthetic and comfort.

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