Where can I customize the back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-12
The back glue Velcro can customize? Proofing need how long? From the name, back glue hook and loop seems to be a very large custom up very difficult things. In fact such a fastening material is not need too complicated to custom. So what is the back glue hook and loop exactly how to custom? Only need to provide the following information you can customize the exquisite hook and loop! 1, have physical samples are the best, if not, will be expected to provide design drawings, shown on the drawings, sticky strap length, width, color, material, size, quantity, special shape need to highlight. 2, PDF/CAD LOGO document, if you want to print LOGO, the other is to provide 3, playing version costs, play version of the time, do big goods, the buyer, the supplier instructions. Back glue Velcro actually refers to a fastening material to the repeated use of the environmental protection, this kind of material is waterproof, the materials used and itself is relatively easy to synthesis of low cost of chemical materials. Velcro and fastening belt or cheep! Buckle ( A la cheep ring, have the effect of the button) , one side is a small soft fiber, round (MAO 循环) On one side, is a hard hook seta ( 钩) 。 To customize the back glue hook and loop, cable tie, first need to understand one thing, it is need to customize fastening material specific length, width, color, size, if there is a need special model, you need special specifications, best can be passed to the material of the manufacturers of detailed design. And for some special fastening design, is the need for trial first trial, so the more complex the fastening material, at the time of production need to do the tedious, but if we can only make some of the common, so is quite simple. City textile co. , LTD. , professional custom back glue Velcro, ten years of experience in processing, provide free samples, fast delivery, better prices. More information please contact: 15920637637
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