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by:BAILI     2020-10-18
Double-sided Velcro is also known as 3 m double-sided stickers, double the hook and loop is made up of male female two sides: one side is soft fiber, the other side is stabbing of elastic fibers with a hook. Male parent phase clasp, under a certain lateral force, under the condition of elastic hook is straight, loose and open from the loop pile, then restore the original hook type, so repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand times. 3 m double sided Velcro is back after high temperature hot melt glue machine, glue will melt in normal Velcro and special Velcro strap on the back, with a layer of oil from type paper, is the product of 3 m double-sided adhesive Velcro back. Double-sided Velcro male and female together and used to achieve the best viscosity, lasting characteristics: strong viscous force ( In the joint after 24 hours to achieve perfect adhesion degrees) Sustainable 3 -, viscous Loss in five years, at the same time, high and low temperature resistance, stick to plastic surface will not react with plastic plasticizer of composition, maintain a strong viscous force. Compared with the ordinary glue its advantages besides lasting strong viscous force, and the envy of ordinary rubber advantages, that is no damage to the surface of the object, when you don't need to can use very simple solution to remove, not like ordinary glue traces of difficult to remove. Need to be aware that when A, began to paste to look good, don't move, or tear, stick on the back glue paste - 24 48 hours after the hair surface and the surface of the hook buckle together; Wool surface and the surface of the hook to hold the edge split, cannot be directly pull! B, wool surface and the surface of the hook can be repeated fastening, but the back glue can be used only once, so when you paste the value position and then stick! C, back adhesive to stick the adhesive surface should be clean, smooth paste position, don't have grease stains, dirt or stains and tear off the paper after do not use hand to touch the colloid viscosity test! 3 m double-sided stickers in addition to superior to back glue hook and loop has the general features, and the following special use opportunely. 1. Back door has sounded, with 3 m glue hair side stick on the door, can get surprise effect. 2, with 3 m adhesive back hook in the plastic stick at the bottom of the floor mat, play a fixed role. 3, for fixed floor MATS, double the effect is much better, Under the flannelette surface and can be used solely if there is no better flannelette with double-sided) inside the car 4, model aircraft battery fixed, ships, cars such as vibration transport temporary fixed objects. 5 temporary fixed, computer peripheral equipment, rapid installation, and so on and so on, is lossless. 6, piano, keyboard instruments such as temporary object fixed, don't have to worry about loss instrument surface. 7, used for fixed screens, fixed screens use 3 m glue back surface + without glue hair surface ( Without glue hair side suture in the yarn online side) Cost is higher than ordinary back glue, viscosity is better. More product details, please login:
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