Where you can customize the new 2018 female shoes Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-22
Now the magic stick in our daily life is constantly improve and improve, with is also in the shoe is also in constant growth, in the application of the style of shoes is becoming more and more kinds of more and more, to the customer's choice is more and more, especially the girl's shoes but also a wide variety of ever-changing, believe that have a girlfriend's little brother to go shopping with your girlfriend when I was very clear, according to the classification is divided into sandals women's shoes, sports shoes, high-heeled shoes, slippers, ladies shoes, casual shoes, etc. , sandals and high-heeled sandals, heel sandals, thick bottom sandals and so on, detailed list should be not less than a dozen species, the most used in so many women's shoes should be sandals, in this hot weather of summer sandals is girl eye, girls wear casual shoes, sports shoes in the summer suppress inside airtight in summer don't like to wear casual shoes and sports shoes. Shoes Velcro to a summer on popular with many female friends, hook and loop to wear women's shoes is not only convenient simple quick and use is also pretty much, the weather is going to the beach by the sea, etc can be used for women's shoes, Velcro, the important thing is that this shoes Velcro is also very lost, pants, skirts can hold can reduce the number of female friends won't match this shortcoming, don't worry about this problem such as wear not good-looking. Shoes Velcro side of the hook and loop is small flexible fibre, round the other side is a hard MAO hook sting, it divided the mother two sides: one side is soft fiber, the other side is a stab of elastic fibers. Male parent phase clasp, under a certain lateral force, under the condition of elastic hook is straight, loose and open from the loop pile, then restore the original hook type, so repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand times. Shoes Velcro use time is also very durable, generally use more than a year during the period of two years is not appear what problem, the most common problem is likely to be female shoes don't stick to do, should pay attention to this problem again use cleaning Velcro, in is because the nap already pull caused by deformation of the adhesive is bad to can let Velcro slightly heating or baked ( Pay attention to moderate) 。 This allows fluff bending to improve the adhesion performance. Female shoes Velcro in popular this every year, the annual sales is also constantly rising stage, our Velcro supplier will provide good hook and loop to keep up with the trend of the do you use at ease.
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