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by:BAILI     2020-10-16
Back glue Velcro is a thin viscosity cingulate, functional imported glue to Velcro hair surface and surface ( 方式) To compound and make the hair is not in the same plane. Hook with MAO: injection hook + flannelette, normal tick + flannelette, normal tick + normal hair, mushroom head + flannelette injection, strong tension, adhesion, can be in accordance with the requirements of the guests. Clearance for 11 m / 5 cm * 11 cm * 10 m a roll back Velcro, limited promotion, minimum 7. 5 fold. Imported injection hook compound quality flannelette, because the back glue hook and loop magic hook is particularly short, so the horizontal tension especially good, and this Velcro is thin, easy to bind, to bind the wire can be fixed in the above, and then to bind! Can be used over and over again! Can be scattered items neatly stacked and then use the bundled well, avoid scattered, will need to bind the first things good code on the top, and then with hook side through the plastic buckles the paste on the hair, can be used repeatedly, convenient bundle! Especially like accounting to organize documents, clip is bad, get with this is the most appropriate, convenient and beautiful! Brand: name: ultra-thin back to back Velcro, back to back strap, belt (back to back Injection hook + flannelette) Material: nylon color: black white red, green, blue ( More color support custom) Specification: 10 mm - Scope: 150 mm can be customized but make it tie, tie a knot, paste, clothes, belt, clothing would like to know more about back glue Velcro cable tie can inquire.
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