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by:BAILI     2020-10-15
Is a professional manufacturer of infant saliva towel hook and loop. Everyone knows the baby's skin is more tender, so should choose to compare, do not hurt the skin soft material to do accessories, such as: the saliva towel, paper urine trousers, sleeping bags, chinese-style chest covering, toys, clothing, children's shoes, etc. , in the past most USES is common to link as excipients, ordinary Velcro hook surface is the sting, with a long sticky various aspects are less, and easy to hand the baby skin. So many baby products are mostly adopt injection with magic hook Velcro as a link of complementary makings, this baby hook with a thin, soft, comfortable, not firm skin, and environmental protection. This baby hook and loop is different from ordinary hook and loop? Believe that this is a lot of people ask questions, so small make up today to just tell you the differences. Baby isn't the greatest characteristic of Velcro with fluorescent agent, thin and soft, use nylon material, environmental protection, non-toxic, good adhesion. Ultra-thin baby Velcro hook number 2400, transverse tensile and peel strength better, hook type is exquisite, viscous force is good, not hurt the skin, not hand, not easy to fall off, neat, beautiful appearance and durable specifications can be customized, any shape can be provided free of charge sample version! Want to know more about baby hook and loop knowledge, first, to provide better help and service to you!
Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the custom hook and loop tape is managed.
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