Which heavy duty hook and loop tape company doing OEM?
Now many hook and loop tape manufacturers are able to offer OEM services. Jinjiang Nanxing Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. is such a manufacturer. You are expected to do all the market research, R&D and develop its own product. The manufacturer is expected to have the manufacturing capability to fulfill the market demand in time.

BAILI has been a major influential enterprise with its increasing development. Garment Weaving's double sided hook and loop series are created based on unremitting efforts. It is not likely to have degumming or paint peeling problems. All the adhesives and paints used are high quality with elevated durability. It is widely used in shoes, hats, luggage, sofa, curtain, toys, gloves, medical apparatus, and so on. Garment Weaving has excellent customer service and sales support throughout the process. The loop and hook parts are finely laminated to guarantee strong adhesion.

Our vision is to significantly improve customer satisfaction. We are working on a plan that assists specialists at the customer interface to gain fresh insights into customer needs and preferences, so as to ultimately create cost-effective values to customers.
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