Which is the best a material to carry on the back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-06
The broad masses of customers at the time of choosing Velcro, often face a choice dyslexia, worry about bad choice to use Velcro, not only cost money, more time consuming. So for below small make up to make a brief introduction of gum magic with what material. hook and loop fastening belt material is qualitative different, use can make A big difference, and the price is different, so when you back glue Velcro when the choose and buy, it is recommended that you back for what you need glue Velcro material has A system of understanding, which of the following is back glue Velcro the five kinds of common material: back glue Velcro fastening belt are common material: 1, polyester material, burn is flourishing and has black smoke, pungent, hard, rough 2, blend fabric, A mixture of nylon and polyester, not easy to burn 3, nylon, nonflammable, soft, and environmental protection, nylon 4 A grade, soft, commonly used for close-fitting clothes by hooks on both sides of MAO, hook neat surface, cut the hook Angle fixed probability increased the buckle MAO bite, suede brush even, not easy broken wires, and hook face lateral adhesive tensile closely, improves the cohesive strength on both sides, double-sided adhesive can be used repeatedly up to more than ten thousand times, stable quality, product materials 100% nylon tableland, environmental non-toxic. 。 5, don't catch hair, just rough, often with nylon grade A hook, are also used for close-fitting clothes more terry Velcro fastening belt type, hair neat surface, durable, Velcro belongs to high-grade products. Hair surface do not comb hair processing, USES the special craft processing, keep the hair side complete micro ring type, neat and beautiful appearance, and with equivalent viscous force through carding process. This product has the material is qualitative soft, feel good, not easy to water absorption, long service life, etc. Only fully understand the Velcro material and its corresponding function, you can choose the right back glue hook and loop. Read the above content, do you know how to choose? If still not clear, please call our textile: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng. hook and loop manufacturer for 10 years, we have professional personnel to solve your problem.
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