Which is the best manufacturer in hair band?

by:BAILI     2020-09-13
Which is the best manufacturer in hair band? Hair band, namely hair with hook and loop, also called curl belt or bang stick, is now a lot of fashion women the necessary practical and can make decoration. Because it really suitable for some girls. Now a lot of girls like to leave bang hair style, but is not an easy thing to want to care, and easy to deformation, and the hair with hook and loop to be sure that you in the face and take a shower or when sleeping on their heads will not deformation, the sticky hair can also be easy for your styling hair, curly hair. Which is the best manufacturer in hair band? Here suggest to choose a professional, formal manufacturers, although the general manufacturers can also be used, but its quality is very bad, even without the function of departure the take-up, do more harm than good. So while buying or purchasing curls with a hook and loop, can consider to choose textiles. The product quality. The main raw material original bandwidth 10 mm - Taiwan nylon yarn specifications 125 mm long, 25 m / 27. 5 yards/volume. Article points according to customer requirement, back glue, die cutting, stamping, screen printing, pressure word, such as sewing, laminating, processing into a variety of size, shape and pattern. Curls with hook and loop quality characteristics is very good, the use of special weave, cut the tick bite curl is strong, beautiful and delicate appearance, hook surface exquisite workmanship, hook type fine soft, not sticky, easy to hair off from the ground up, at the bottom of the belt also breathe freely, not hurt the hair, can take good care of yourself beautiful hair style, and can be a decoration, it's every second, it is no wonder that now more and more love beautiful girls like it.
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