Why back glue Velcro can be fond of most

by:BAILI     2020-10-13
Viscosity cingulate ( Velcro) In our life is a kind of items, commonly used to both casual shoes and clothes, bags, and even toys, electronic products, fastening belt has a good adaptability. Small make up take you to understand the next electronic cable, power cord with Velcro cable tie is what kind of hook and loop cable tie? Velcro cable tie more style, Velcro cable tie, bind Velcro specification variety, is now using the latest back-to-back cable tie, back to back with cable tie line by national supervision inspection, reached the level of similar products and used for bundling wires, plugs, etc. , can be used repeatedly, print LOGO, lettering, kind to plans to build support and needed to research and development of new products for the customer, and can according to customer requirements packaging. Printing adhesive Velcro back Velcro manufacturer processing custom Velcro cable tie back-to-back, back to back Velcro strap, printing Velcro cable tie. Electric wire bundling belt: with sticky strap application scope expands unceasingly, colorful bind to develop new products in succession electric wire bundling belt, card board bandages, medical bandages, elastic, Elastic) Tied with Velcro and fixation bandages, bind mobile phone chargers and other products by hook and suede joint and soft suede surface can effectively protect the bound surfaces are not destroyed, the hook and fit suede strong tension, fall off not easily, effectively fixed all kinds of electronic wire, etc. Back glue Velcro applies: electronic science and technology industry, electronics products, stationary items, electronic wire, medical equipment, mechanical internal use, etc. Can we provide the product specification: according to the guest need custom printing adhesive Velcro back. Is the back glue Velcro, is it easy to use, fast, whether for fastening or need to tear apart is very convenient, and fastening belt are also special economical, is cheap and fine. To its surface and the surface of the hair after joint together, items in the fixed is not easy to fall, when used in fixed wire and cable fastening effect not only, but also have the effects of the insulation. Is a professional do all kinds of stickers, can undertake various processing, welcome to map incoming sample custom printing hook and loop cable tie!
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