Why back glue Velcro shoes can't replace your shoes

by:BAILI     2020-10-14
Most of the time for the lazy man, back glue Velcro is too convenient, a stick a tearing gently, don't have to tie his shoes what tricks! Already can save time, beautiful, hook and loop is often visible in the sport, such as the Velcro in basketball shoes, but plays a different role, today to chat with you in those years the high level of appearance of hook and loop tennis shoes! In today's tennis shoes market, Nike is undoubtedly play most experience brand, not only its many autographs war boots have tried the back glue hook and loop design, in a large number of feeder and the team of shoe money also often can see the figure of hook and loop. Nike PG1 is over the past year of one of the most popular star signature war boots, superior appearance level and good practical performance, indeed it circles the advocates of a large number of practical experience. PG1 before zhang vamp is a blend of Velcro strap design, this detail from Paul, George, I request is proved that the Velcro blessings to PG1 times add bright spots, quite good to the promotion of practical effect, bring good market performance. Under the clever design of the designer, back glue Velcro version of Stan Smith shows a completely new temperament: languid is lazy, contracted and do not break elegant, simple symbols to express still let this pair of old shoes still joker. And this kind of lazy attitude towards fashion, let all become more simple, is by the new connotation of Velcro. Although the back glue Velcro is very convenient, but why say back glue Velcro or impossible to replace shoes strap? First, the service life and replaceability. In general, shoelaces live longer than the back glue Velcro. Shoelaces in fasten the process will produce some slight friction, while the Velcro will tear in the process of paste, a greater consumption. Shoelaces if use scrap, in a line. But different Velcro, most of the Velcro and shoes is a body, and changing a Velcro part have to remove the glue position, stitching, will be a lot of trouble. Alternative model is not so high shoelaces. Second, the performance. Shoelaces can basically how tight you want can be more tightly, and gum magic with a limit, received the adhesive part of the limitation of length, width. The torsion resistance of lace and strong than Velcro. Velcro to wash a lot, its viscosity life will be shorter, so shoes are mostly shoelaces.
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