Why class A Velcro quality better

by:BAILI     2020-10-18
In general back glue Velcro, only class A is best, but only in the middle of the class A back glue Velcro full nylon Velcro is best. Here today, let's discuss only such great product! Good accessories on the outstanding product, it is the perfect match! A good hook and loop, will never be too cheap, so why do I today's title will be low price? As the process of ascension, class A back glue Velcro repeatedly only refers to the nylon Velcro, it also means the blended Velcro. When facing the dilemma of the options, I will give you a reassurance, don't believe in 'quality' nonsense, because polyester material hook and loop will be a hard decision, and flammable. And all nylon Velcro will give you what? The nylon material more soft Velcro! The hook and loop tear resistance of nylon material times more! The nylon material to carry on the back glue Velcro adhesive force better! Not only that, even if the manufacturers, in the detection of nylon Velcro also pay more attention to! So you can see all the nylon Velcro will not have reel off raw silk from cocoons. Also won't appear to be edge, and so on and so forth. Imagine, when your products widely recognized, the back glue Velcro is need good materials to complete! Imagine, when your customer name, pointing to how much the product of garbage, you will have what kind of feeling? Here, I can assure you: our company through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification of our whole nylon Velcro GB18401 - are strictly followed 2003 standard! Even you can according to need to custom-made the eu environmental standards, because we have the ability to have the strength to complete! Maybe you have some doubts! But no matter, you can ask for SGS inspection certificate to us for inspection, let you put 120 heart to place the order
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