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by:BAILI     2020-10-25
The hook and loop low maintenance: it needs to maintain the cost is low, because it is very durable. The belt can be sealed and tear for many times. It rarely need to be replaced, though it need often clean. hook and loop Velcro ease of use: one of the most important benefits is that its ease of use. It can be easily peeled off from each other close it. Fasteners: it is used as a carpet of fasteners of family and office space. It can also be used to placed on seats and seat cushion for leaning on. It can be used in the kitchen cabinet and other fittings. The hook and loop bundled items together: it is also found in the application code bundled together. Money is the hard truth! All in all, our life have sticky strap not only become rich and colorful, and have made a lot of fast speed. Followed to carry out and the needs of the society, and as a textile trick stick factory has been trying to raise the level of quality and design techniques. Trust fastening belt in the future development will be broader towards diversification, science and technology, etc. What is a slippery hook and loop strap? Material: nylon, polyester color: standard black and white, can be customized other color features: fluffy texture soft, can effectively protect the electronic wire surface from damage, buckle resultant force is strong, beautiful and easy, bright color, simple and convenient use, can be used repeatedly. Usage: used for computer, mobile phone lines, household appliances wire, wire and cable and wire surrounding the Internet cafes, and other purposes. Because of the various color is easy to distinguish between different wire bundle, easy reference lines, save time and effort. Usage: magic with hole for wire entrance, through fixed on the wire, the other end of the wire can be tied together. What is a slippery hook and loop strap? Other: can be customized various specifications and colors, according to the information such as printing company LOGO, website, expand its popularity, to promote the enterprise image.
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have three basic components.
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