Why the magic belt bind now common bind our everyday?

by:BAILI     2020-09-16
Why the magic belt bind now common bind our everyday? Magic belt strap often see in our work, especially in industrial processes is very common. With the wide use of stickers, all kinds of products emerge in endlessly, back glue hook and loop cable tie, magic belt bind and so on have become the main products of our daily. For magic belt strap, has become the industrial production, the mainstream public transport of the goods. Magic belt bind why become the mainstream products, mainly due to its strong tensile resistance, normal magic belt strap can be comparable to the requirement of tensile steel belt, and because of its softness, can also have good ductility, and to ensure the safety of the products in the transportation. In addition, the magic belt bind with high temperature resistance, for high temperature, would be able to bind, and not out of shape. Its heat resistance level is 120 degrees, melting point 260 degrees, so its safety is high. Finally is the humanized design, as a mainstream product, magic belt bind soft performance is good enough to guarantee the safety of operating personnel, won't cause scratch hand, will not cause damage to the product.
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