With back glue Velcro, efficient sorting desktop data line

by:BAILI     2020-10-12
A mess in the face of the wires, is usually a lot of trouble, so, how to organize to more beautiful with efficient again? In family life trivia, the most headache is cable wire, such as: home of the power cord, headphones, USB cable, computer plug wire,,,, especially in television or router friend there will be such a worry: the back of the data line is much and miscellaneous, also bare outside, not only look at, and time is long also layers of dust, dirty and messy, always felt desktop line too much, but which are no less! Although the designers from all over the world are always racking their brains to lug plate the big guy become a bit more beautiful, still can not hold up against all kinds of plug in and charge line. In fact, as long as adopt a little thing can easily solve the problem. What is this little thing? The back glue Velcro, with back glue hook and loop, do not use, and how? Please see the following steps: first of all, finishing first, after receive to finish first, after receive, this truth is universal, whether cable or other items, receive must finish before. Finish, take out all your data line, charging treasure, charging treasure, headphones, power cords, etc. , only got a function the same cable as far as possible, now a lot of data line is common. After finishing, basically, the rest of the data line is running out. Receive this part is to stay in the right place in the right way. Second, put a single receive data line, and the place the cable tie it one by one respectively, never take more than one data line bundle together, that take too much trouble. Can go to buy a few back glue hook and loop, is not expensive. After separated with different color Velcro strap cable tied up, find a box and put in vertical. Such wires between won't entangled! Finally, the messy desktop computer line, now the most common receive method, is to use color line tied, and the wire with fixed clamp fixed in one place. The above is the small make up to bring us some cable finishing techniques and methods of use, suitable for mobile phone, tablet, router, or even computers and other digital technology products. If many digital products in the home, feel the wire knot easily, bad finishing, try the above USES the back glue hook and loop small skills!
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