With back glue Velcro solve the problem of computer charging interface is loose

by:BAILI     2020-10-11
When we were in the use of laptops, usually connected to the adapter to avoid in the process of using battery is power off. But the adapter plugs use too much, can appear loose condition, at this time if we move the computer will disconnect charging status. So in addition to replace the adapter, there is no other way to solve? Let us then read on. First of all, we need the material is actually very simple, only need a back glue hook and loop is ok. We took out the scissors cut off a piece of suitable to the size of the back glue Velcro, and between the parts cut out a round hole. Then, using hot melt adhesive clip good hook and loop respectively fixed on the laptop charging socket and adapter plugs. Finally, when we use the computer, insert the modified adapter to a computer, back glue Velcro will have the effect of fixed, prevent loose plug falls out. If you think that this method can help to you, then share it out.
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