With the magic stick sticky curtain solid reliable?

by:BAILI     2020-10-30
Velcro curtain is mainly in order to simplify the installation, or in the case of tools do not have easy diy installation of the curtain. hook and loop birdcall mother stick again, face and hair. Usually contains wool surface and the surface of the hook back glue, can be directly in the smooth walls, glass, ceramic tile, wooden materials. 1. The Velcro hook face to the window on a 20 centimeters ( Distance to master) 。 A curtain box of window can be posted in a curtain box of window. If paste effect is not good, glue is not strong, can use a few little nailing as fixed metope. 2. The Velcro on the wool surface on the curtain. If paste effect is not good, can use a needle and thread sew hook and loop. 3. Will sew good Velcro stickers on the hook. 4. Simple curtain installation is complete. The curtain of hook and loop installation cannot slide, can bring a beautiful curtain rope, tied at the corresponding level.
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