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by:BAILI     2020-10-05
Senior 1, back glue hook and loop 100% synthetic fiber weaving, processed by special processing, heat-resistant, hardy and resistant to chemicals, washing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good electrical insulation, fire prevention effect, etc. Softening point 180 degrees, contact 215 degrees, 35 degrees below zero, the lower temperature is, the resultant force is stronger. 2, light and soft, both elastic and bending can be arbitrary. 3, fastening belt hook and suede withhold out gently, can fastening very strong, and easy to peel ( 皮) , simple operation, easy to use. 4, reusable and durable, the most suitable for demolition, combined with the highest frequency. Stripping number 2000, tension in the water to keep 50%. 5, fastening position can be arbitrary change, easy to adjust the length. Has been committed to Velcro fastening with r&d and manufacturing of hook and loop manufacturer, the company has introduced all kinds of advanced textile production machinery and equipment, in order to improve the level of production technology, product quality is stable, continuous research and development of various new products, for our brands' textile 'lay a good foundation. The products of the company are: hook and loop ( Also known as the fastening belt) , sewing Velcro type, back glue Velcro, back glue Velcro, Velcro strap, printing LOGO stickers, product has been widely used military-industrial complex trials, medical, baby products and so on all walks of life. Welcome the broad masses of customer calls negotiate. . .
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