With what kind of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-11-07

there are two kinds of cable tie now. One kind is plastic cable tie, one-time use fixed position. The second is Velcro cable tie, can use repeatedly. hook and loop with joint hook consubstantiality tie MAO back-to-back and pressing type Velcro cable tie. Joint type tie is the Velcro hook and a layer of dry hair on the back of the rubber, made two hook and loop stick together after a hook and loop, such top is rough lower to hook the hook Velcro, MAO tie free winding hook made of wool glue Velcro cable tie positioning pressing type, is to put the Velcro hook end and Velcro hair the end of the high temperature and pressure using ultrasound machines, make the Velcro cable tie, made of nylon ingredients together others to bear a greater pull on the hair surface at the other end button add a plastic or metal.

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