Woven label is mainly divided into selvage and two cutting edges

by:BAILI     2020-10-21
Woven label is mainly divided into selvage and trimming is divided into two main selvage and two cutting edges. Selvage woven lable: when the trademark you'll need a one-off case according to the width of the need to weave, called the selvage trademark. The process to avoid the trimming of many shortcomings, but yield is low. Also has the branch of plane/satin, characterized by soft, pretty. More suitable for higher clothing supplies, such as fashion, suits, etc. , is pay attention to the quality of Japanese manufacturers use most, the machine also do pay attention to the Japanese. Woven edge satin do you usually do logo, but the satin color is hard to express, commonly used hot color/dyeing process to solve this problem. Selvage machine generally have wooden spindle machines, generally no more than four color; And crochet machine, also can weave all kinds of process quality, can even add a transparent polyester yarn in warp, called the fish wire crochet machine. Woven lable cost besides the width, length of of all kinds, processes, and the varieties of yarn used. JB series yarn as an international common trimming woven lable: as the name implies, in a dedicated high-speed machines, a horse like weaving weavers, according to mark the width of the cut into strips. Because of polyester hot melt properties, yarn will stick together when cut, not loose edge. But also for this reason, the look and feel will be affected by certain good machine will be better, with ultrasonic cutting electric DaoHui better than ordinary. Cartons of woven lable, can be directly arrange to send garment factory processing; If demanding, still need to fold the cut processing. Because the maximum width of 20 single tap machine. 8 cm, that is to weave the width of the standard, also can work out all sorts of shapes.
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