YOU know, the classification and the correct way of using the Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-01
With the constant improvement of the level of social production now, magic stick the material used in our life more and more widely, textile production of products is also more and more, more and more diversified. From the most simple magic on back-to-back applied in metal material back glue Velcro and fixed plant fixed belt, etc. The types of Velcro is more and more, but the main is divided into the following kinds: the first kind, back glue Velcro. Mainly using the original nylon Velcro by high temperature and special glue. Can be used in a variety of items, the effect also is quite good, especially can stick on the surface of the material that is smooth. The second, back to back Velcro. The Velcro in double-sided adhesive structure similar, mostly used in electronic products, such as: electronic toys, household appliances such as cable wire, and at the time of use is very convenient, can also according to their own needs to cut. The third, Velcro cable tie. This tie with the ordinary cable tie differed from the ordinary cable tie is one-way, the more tight, whereas the Velcro cable tie could unravel after then tied in the back, so can more convenient in use to find more suitable location. Fourth, hook MAO Velcro. Is that kind of hook and loop pile on the same tape, Velcro, is also one of the most widely used, mainly used in our daily life will be the most used in items of adhesive. Fifth, grab the magic stick. The Velcro is primarily used in commonly used items on the adhesion of people. For example, clothes, shoes, wig, etc. , these are all can use the Velcro is bonded. Although the effect of various kinds of Velcro is similar, but in the actual application we still need to choose according to need, this can better use of Velcro, but also should pay attention to in the process of using well preserved Velcro, because the Velcro most afraid of is what with corrosive together, if your magic stick with corrosive in together, in a certain extent affect his sticky, even after a long time may cause the Velcro viscosity was lost, so how to keep the magic stick in a certain extent, also is the key to use magic stick. We should note that even in such a process should pay attention to good use magic stick method, it can use magic stick better.
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