Your children busy designer game, safety must be attention

by:BAILI     2020-11-06

as a popular entertainment variety show, show 'tear famous brand' in the game has also been a lot of young people, especially among primary and middle school students are very popular. Since 'tear famous brand' is the game, so that some 'props' is essential, reporter discovery, in a store near the downtown some primary and secondary schools have in selling this kind of 'tear famous brand' game props, a pen and a piece of double sided hook and loop price basic on the 5 yuan a piece, and a better quality to sell to 10 yuan. Not only that, many students simply unified online ordering 'uniform', the same color and style of shirt, the designer behind using 'embroidery sewing workmanship, fine stamping words', the quality of this famous brand as 'a class' again, the price is also a lot of natural you.

it is understood that the so-called 'tear famous brand' game, general points several groups, each person's back with the name of the writing has its own brand, each team need to designer off all of the other team members is the victory. Because of this kind of 'tear famous brand' game has irritating and by a great number of small and medium-sized students rushed to imitate, and therefore become a game that is very popular at present.

on June 16, in the evening, reporters in the city to see inside the village west address on May Day, more than a dozen students gathered to play 'tear famous brand', including several children under the age of four or five followed involved, these children are wearing the same tore designer clothes, ran, grabbing, tearing, the screams from time to time, it looked pretty intense, from time to time someone was down by the opponent, has been torn off brand 'OUT' people, the children while had a lively, but many parents do see a lot of potential safety problems. Parent of a child told reporters: 'the recent neighborhood children 'fans' tear of famous game, meet a lot of children in the village though old, but I don't know what's the, now all are put behind a famous brand, full name all know. 'Another shade of the residential area of the old man said:' this game is very dangerous, the children ran rampage, always bump into people, there are a few days ago a child broke his arm. '

the interview, the reporter noted that' tear famous brand 'game looks interesting, but unavoidably chase scenes, game ultra easy accident, the safe hidden trouble need to attach great importance to. One parent said: 'a few days ago to see on TV because there are several children play 'tear brands' unfortunately fell from reports, really afraid of an accident, have been told the child to be careful, pay attention to safety, come back often is a black and blue, ke is really make people worry about. 'Relevant personage says, the pupil self-discipline, distinguish aspects of consciousness is not strong, playing more and more focus on the success of the games, rather like adults will be more mature to consider the security problem, so it's easy to knock against falls, teachers and parents need to give children the right guidance, children to pay attention to safety, wide in a relatively safe area to play, in order to avoid accident

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